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Hide My Tears | My Heart Stopped -
Hide My Tears | My Heart Stopped -

Hide My Tears | My Heart Stopped - Necklace

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My Heart Stopped
Hide My Tears - Gold
Hide My Tears - Silver
I'll Hold You In My Heart-Gold
I'll Hold You In My Heart-Silver
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There is that time, we all go through, where we are hurting badly from the inside but have to put on a brave face and go on with regular living in the world. For me, it was around the time my husband died. I had to keep going to school, pretending like everything was normal when really I just wanted to curl up in a ball and die. 

Checked out got to the car and cried my heart out. Later that night scrolling through Facebook, I saw an ad for this beautiful pendant and the words struck a note. I must say it's beautiful. Someday maybe I will move on, but till then I am going to hold this close to my heart.

- Liz, Durham 


 The necklace is adjustable and can be worn at different lengths, the chain is 40cms and the pendant is 6 cm. It's a beautiful way to keep your loved one close to your heart, it makes a great gift for someone who is grieving. Surgical stainless steel is used as the base metal for prolonged longevity  


 Hide My Tears Pendant:

I hide my tears
When I say your name,
But the pain in
My Heart
Is still the same.
Although I smile
& Seem
There is no one,
Who misses you
More than

"Your Heart Stopped":

Your Heart Stopped
I Love You

 Additional details:

  • 💓Premium Quality: The pendant and chain are made of alloy, it will not fade, tarnish, rust or stain, and is plated with gold or silver! We tested by keeping the pendant in water for more than 24 hours.
  • 💓 Pendant Size: The pendant size is 3 cm * 2.6 cm and the chain is 40 cm long.
  • 💓 Great Gift: It’s the perfect necklace for someone who is grieving or to gift someone who is grieving.
  • 💓 Includes: 1pc Pendant + 1pc Chain Necklace + 1pc Black Gift Box..